ference of altitude in Wyoming made necessary the mainte-
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mare being worked and the foal only allowed to suckle
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less than a year. I suppose rashes like that reported by Dr. Cottell are
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the fact of its recurring again and again in the same sub-
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bird destroyed. It was done. At jx^st mortem, the viscera were
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Fio. 9. OuTLnnc op Faob nr — 1. MrxaDSMA; 2. Aobo-
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anus, press forward the advancing head under the pubes,
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the formation of cellular tissues in the injured cortex, and by the
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appropriate dose, paves the way by quieting irregular spasm for that regular
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the entire organism, and it is natural that various signs should
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in the scale of human blessings, my children have never
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Prairie, he purchased a home there. He found the cli-
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of milk, to which a little salt is added. I have had good
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cough is also affected by the presence of adenoid gro"wths in the naso-
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these symptoms is of far graver import than at lower
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and bad carriage are promoted by loose rein drivers.
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slumber and an invariably unpleasant kind of dreaming is so
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The course of diet of these patients must be selected with
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frost, but the effect is to render them highly indigestible or
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the quantity of urea ascertained on twenty-five days. The result arrived at was
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hazards which may take place. However, do not allow yourself
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Very rare, not found at all by the writer; collected at Wheatland,
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He considered, however, that a better method of making it was that recom-
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tions, and to confine itself to the record of carefully observed and
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n. Osteo-rayelitiH of Femur — Disease of Kriee-joint — Py-
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that Foucault, in 1843, was attacked with a severe oph-
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6, section of a follicle ; c, ovum with lateral spine ; d, laterally spined ovum seen in transverse
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indignity offered to the gods of medicine, and fill
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able to observe a reasonable abatement in the pain, when
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striving to expel a stone, which was characterized by intense
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to a marked extent when the leg is flexed. In cases of compound