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On the Zrd day — buzzing gone for two hours, improvement continued.

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organisms than the typhoid bacillus, and in such cases, must be looked

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that she will sit and hold a book steadily before ber face in imitation of

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and nerve pressings, in order to excite the nerves in the skin ; while in

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Joseph Congdony Esiq., Geo. W. Baker, Esq., Jobn^ Howlaad, Jr., Esq.,

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first in the world. To a West Indian who was refractory at being tap-

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on a subject of this kind ; their sentiments on a question of this nature

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a very short contact with the part treated, except in cases of muscle hacking,

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who find relief, if not cure, in more southerly latitudes, and are at all events

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rbus pumila, radicans; toxicodendron and venenata."*

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Woodward made a report to the legislature the present year," we can

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Morvan's Disease. — No article on syringomyelia, however brief, would

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thalami and corpora striata were condensed and flattened ; there was

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Symptoms. — Shortly after the poison is swallowed the usual symptoms

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duced upon the contiguous parts by the hydatids, and by other exciting

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the palms, soles, and occasionally on the scalp. They have been known to

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case. His heart had burst I and there was a bole quite through it, con*

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in breast, 1 ; do. of deformity from burn, 1 ; do. of nievus by ligature,

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Dr. Mead, who paid considerable attention to the authors who wrote in

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{d) Sensory Symptoms. — Premonitory sensory symptoms may be absent,

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and is generally prescribed in rheumatism and muscular contraction. It is given

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every shock that would, under ordinary circumstances, be light. Some-

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to Schlesinger. The trophic joint condition, which is known as Charcot's

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seat of shallow ulcerations with a greyish-yellow surface and uneven edges.

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Cancellous osteomata grow from any bone and resemble the cancellous

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for iponths, and perhaps years. What is the result of this mode of

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Dr. Potter, one of the annotaton of Dr. Gregory, expresses his views

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chloride, or muriate of mercury. These came from Aimaden, in SpwO)

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leave the Province. — Dr. Sappington, of Baltimore, has been mulcted in

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kads to the source oi this most uncomfortable of all human maiadies^-

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In the remarks of last week, upon the construction of tombs in the