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and physical, and her equal rights, domestic, social,
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In February, 1920, he contracted dii)htheria and (hiring convales-
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from a week to several months, the temperature suddenly runs up,
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zation of that of his own county, and was the third president of the
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had only commenced to be a little known very recently. Conse-
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fore advised rest from toil, discountenanced labor and fret, regu-
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P communis, YSkX. cujm'cmK, can apparently be transmitted to the
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tecting against challenge infection in the other animal
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how long it will take our army to possess a properly organized
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treated. On examination, her appearance and history of ovarian
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were killed and autopsied at certain intervals after the feeding. In case the ceca
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grs. gave no marked relief, and the authors think it best
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able justification for the diagnosis of this condition, based on the
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practically no improvement in the blood count. Indeed, I have
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dents in arts numbered three, in the law faculty four, and in
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a necropsy of such a case, but in at least one instance I have known
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whatever concerns his bodily or mental existence is open to
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to given apertures, were at times forcibly impelled
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operation, which lasted about an hour, was performed under the influence
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hence making in all about eight or ten injections each month.
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For the reduction of strangulated hernia without operation. Sir James Paget
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yield the much more favourable return of 5 "8 per cent of deaths, a
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and reporting surgical cases. The first twelve pages are occupied with a critical inquiry
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with sick sinus syndrome, diltiazem significantly prolongs sinus
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been considered intermediate between purpura hemorrhagica and
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ness. Cadaverous smelling sweats. White miliary rash.
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3 Loeb, J., and Ewald, W. F., Zentralbl. Physiol, Wien, 17, 1914, (1165).
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ration and is not a composite from several sections. All of the Golgi sections
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and vessels is large, exceptionally as large as in pneumococcus septicaemia
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