from the other children, and if they cannot do so we
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ference turned the scale for death, they attributed the unfortunate
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of the heart was obscured by shadows. The aorta some of the ways in which blood chemistry may
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thus, indeed, that oxalic acid is manufactured as an article of com-
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produced by placing two pillows in the small of tlie
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missile may involve it in the subquadricipital bursa,
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in plaster of Paris from toes to knee with the foot
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by early drainage, progressive disinfection and sec-
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led again to the assault. Almost fainting as he was, from loss of blood,
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tuberculous to be sanguine, he does not realize that
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it is also wrongfully used, and this abuse of it works
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the Medical Sciences in 1864 (5), 'oy Da Costa in a
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Rivers was president of the boatd of governors, and a long list of
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knowledge; and that we are suffering thereby, alike intellectual and material lossĀ«
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many pricks of sufficient severity to cause bleeding are
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sulfate and one part of sulfur with four parts of fresh
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ethereal extract of male - shield fern, in one - half
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with risk of tearing the imperfectly united edges of the wound
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greater intensity, the longer and the more vigorously it is applied,
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ing and licensing board, such as the National Board
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surgeon will cut out an inch or two, or two-thirds, of the bone by
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be unusually deep. The disease maybe easily diagnosed
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says that the aim of the medical examination is the
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and quivering, showing a tendency to hide away in the
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table furnish a variety of excellent food, especially
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past fiscal year the total number of nurses assigned
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Dogs, wolves, foxes, crows and other animals that feed
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cent, of marriages involved a syphilitic individual.
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The schools of today give a better education to the
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tions had a solvent effect upon the false membranes ; but the Pro-
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tient, and the degree of infiltration of the tissues
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The necessity for provision for advanced cases seemed the
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rid of before treatment of the amebic infection with
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verging towards meddlesome interference on the one hand, nor
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Death our beloved friend met, with all the calmnes of one, who has naught to dread, and, in
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a peculiarly fetid odour from the skin and discharges, is common in
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lumbar nephrectomy satisfactorily as to show that if students
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blister rubbed over the spavin sometimes proves benefi-
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tients to specific hospitals where special facilities
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he will be. Some points which are recognized as impor-
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ical action, this subtle agent has now for some generations engaged
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this instrument is, that when once the operator can get the patient
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than the blind, the deaf, or the helplessly crippled.
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my lodgers, caught the small-pox three days before mine did, and
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stances require a special modification. The days of
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side (referring to various sketches V If the knife, in piercing, did
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stances. This appetite can usually be satisfied by a
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ostrich egg. The tumour contained dark, bloody fluid. It