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Dickson, Dr. J. Thompson, on the dynamics of epilepsy and conmlsions ^
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a poisonous gas, and to prevent a deleterious effect, have
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and made more tolerable." The chief assistant in the hospital is a
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and I think that within the last few years the surgeons
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of this State ; to expel any member of the Society for misconduct ; to ad-
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J. K. Hartjen in Bemidji. The son of Dr. D. H. Gar-
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scurfiness and loss of hair. Small vesicular eruptions can also be
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large amount of this space has been dispased of to leading manufac-
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report the same result. A similar action of the toxin is also produced with
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declared Max Ninman, editor of the Reedsburg (Wiscon-
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occasioned by this accident generally attracts attention, but
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*-''-"-' information to the Anglo-French Drug Co., Ltd.,
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or sea ; this is due to the process of diffusion, the influence
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tion. The work done by Gaylord and others is well known to the
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any other disturbing cause. There is nothing that will so derange the nervous
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or three times a week. Affected animals should not be
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characteristics which related to professional proficiency and
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this case there must be something more going on than in the
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Third, pneumonic areas and evidences of chronic bronchitis are seen.
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freely. I am stiil liable to colds. The seat of the dis-
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in water, and soluble in solutions of the salts, in the proportions
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The stomach is the depository from which the whole bo-
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1901 a.— Idem. Further note <Ibidem (13), pp. 1-4. [W a .]
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vertigo, partial paralysis, paralysis agitans, hallucinations, and
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siderable febrile disturbance ; vesicles becoming pustular :
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Weil'* and others have recently shown that antigen and antibody
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