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blyopia ex anopsia claim that this is accounted for
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called retrogiade or obsolescent tubercle. Nodules varying in size from
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finally ceased. She was as dead as many other patients I
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and therefore imprecision. Intubation, however, is a
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of the greatest value when a fixed routine is followed in making
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he has distinct attacks of spasms of a peculiar kind. These vary in fre-
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1896 applies only to such districts or part of districts as the Board shall
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form but not purulent substance," and the minute particles
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it on the hands, for the purpose of placing the folded sheets under it.
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why should there be so great an objection to seeing
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lids can be separated only to a small extent, showing a white, opaque, rough
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^ Eulenburg, A. : " Sexual Neurasthenia," in Diseases of the Nervous
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urine per diem were passed ; on the ninth daj'' only 3 oz. were passed, and
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has been for some time cultivated and populated (compare Calcutta of
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missibility is one not easily recognized, and it will be difficult
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of the patient." Pott's opinion was not accepted cheer-
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plains the often imperfect descriptions in Oriental
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Dr. Handfurd's Oase of a Pecaliar Affection of the Cicatrices in
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can College of Emergency Physicians at Le Meridien Hotel, San Diego.
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Lewis H. Taylor, of Wilkesbarre, reports {University Med. Magazine,
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occurrence) is probably due to an encroachment of the section upon the ciliary
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on the fourth day ; one from exhaustion (on the tenth
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flank. The substitute word of the command is placed within parentheses.
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Positive direct Coombs tests have been reported during treatment
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Program faculty employ a wide variety of state-of-the-art techniques. At the molecular
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istered atropine with bromides until the nervous irritation had