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method if we could depend on the average milk-dealer to ab-

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The latter, who is one of the stanchest defenders of the cold bath (not,

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carbohydrates may take so much oxygen for their oxidation

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powerful effect of the warm bath on this infectious inflammation, how

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Mention has been made of the grave nervous symptoms that are at-

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stances, 8.91; fat, .62; other non-nitrogenous substances,

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scientific experimenters never stand still. There is one thing

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minuria is common ; of 400 cases of variola, Arnaud noted albuminuria

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slight local and general symptoms (low fever, anemia, slight belly-pains,

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ally occasioned by absorption from the mucous surfaces.

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it Jilrgensen's opinion, given at the congress in London, is sustained.

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pneumococcus). The portals of entrance for these micro-organisms are

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Ian Maclaren says he has often been asked the question,

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commodating about three litres, and the stomach and small intestine