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upon the fact that the constituents of the blood which exudes

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he had a gastroenterostomy done at another hospital for ulcer. Fol-

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the bacteriology ; one case, in which the pleural fluid gave a staphy-

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afford to give." In answer to this question we note the following:

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escaped m the proper direction. The child was then put to bed,

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diagnosis of organic neurology. There is no neurologist or

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the London Hospital, but where the numbers of these seemed to be in-

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form process was directed to the right and lay under the curve of the ribs.

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middle cerebral convexity, bounded in front by the edge of the lesser wing of

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paring handsome specimens for purposes of demonstration, etc. Among

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with excruciating pain in the umbilical region, nausea and vomiting

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intra-uterine life. These, however, are very rare. Constriction of the

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stricture. He thinks not, and his argument is that neither he

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Leyden {Munch, med. Wbchenschr., 1890, No. 2, 30) speaks of the widespread

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the more ordinary forms, are quite generally restricted to the

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but believes that many of them cannot properly be included in this category,

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the connecting tube is rarified, because the vacuum in the pleural sac

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larger doses (| to 1 grain) were necessary. The action of the remedy was

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development of the body may be said to be complete, the gland

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As far as Dr. H. A. Ehrmann, of New York, an assistant of Professor

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would therefore seem to be some intimate connection between

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first experience with the tube, and both the slow digestion and

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This gradually becomes firmer, stronger, and grayer, and about the fifth

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inch in diameter, and open at both ends. The tube contains crystals of men-

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ferent sizes. The heart contained dark, fluid blood, and its muscle was some-

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temporal haematomata, and is, therefore, the point of election for explor-

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Menstrual history: Puberty at 14, regular 4-6 days, some

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stricture ultimately resulting. No one could question but that a

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