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hyperaemic and some anajmic, some hypertrophic and others ulcerated.

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I. Calling the meeting to order by the President, or in his absence,

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swamps, and wet meadows, its range extending from Canada, Alaska, and Min-

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the disease was returned as febris remittens; but on the 17th May

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Kiimmell (^), for example, met with nine cases of carcinoma in

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bacillus fluorescein putridus is a pronounced enemy

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Furman, Guido, 125 W. 73d St., New York, New York Co. OriginaL

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without the appearance of any new species of microorganism.

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the diligent worker has eventually given up in despair

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small strip of gauze carried through to drain the dead space resting

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57. Blair A, Grauman DJ, Lubin JH, Fraumeni JF: Lung cancer and other causes of

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14. A candidate that is deemed to have practically no

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Since the public will appreciate the necessity for purity and will

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I believe it may be safely asserted that every law upon the

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possess firm and thick ciliary margins, yet grow thin as they