of a young woman placing herself in this position by marrying an old and broken-
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different seasons. Dr. De Valcourt gives us the following as the
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su]^ace, and at the borders of these again mie bold crystals.
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exist for concealment, the lightness of the punishment awarded
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to the realms of death. How important, then, that cwry means should be used to
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intra-uterine injections of perchloride of iron when the uterus is
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disposing factors. The most frequent combination is, pelvic narrow-
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liminary suprapubic cystotomy for drainage but also permit of
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by the union of the two sexes, produce small living creatures, and are called vivipa-
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would have been increased by an augmented pulmonary ventila-
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that of all predisposing pathological states, rheumatism is the most
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strain. In each decision as to management we must take into
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he had an organic heart lesion, and that instead of being pro-
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In considering, then, the possible lesions or physiologic dis-
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this essential feature in common : that they are formed by a
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presents a typical aoritc insufficiency with a very large heart
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very rapid, if the patient's constitution is greatly affected, if
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finger. Deep muscle sense is diminished in the wrist, some-
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certain stages of fever, and in exophthalmic goitre. — Edinburgh
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a heat sufficienli to sublime it for nine hours, and the last sublimate
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litres) ; the left lung was free from all adhesion to the parietal
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influence, — detrimental to virtue, i ; i health, prejudicial to long life,
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"Those females who think they can escape being impregnated simply by avoiding
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for it is these that make the strongest impression upon the mind, and through that
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charged through the front passage, and create a gnawing pain in the back, side, or
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elements are afterwards developed into nerve-tissue. The close-
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the naked eye, and are apt to bleed as their walls get thinner.
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and died there. Then a man, who lived on the first floor of the
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would, Derhaps, altogether disappear if that vast extent of land now
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recorded sundry cases of poisoning of greater or less interest.
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sores, internally or externally, of the throat or neck ?
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Toxicomucin (toks"ik-o-mu'sin). A poisonous albuminoid substance
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Association for the Promotion of Social Science, and to urge the
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that he has seen only three or four pathologic lesions which
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ment resembled the cellular structure in a section of wood or stem
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