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he has frequently adopted, and with similar results, the same method in various

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complaint. Twenty or thirty years in the most subordinate

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* :.; The p r ices as given in this catalogue are net.


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follows: With a heart muscle the irritability of which is diminished,

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without the occurrence of local symptoms, while a marked anemia

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When writing' advertisers please mention the Journal.

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tering as a medical student and obtaining my diploma to prac-

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Wood’s drug store. He came from Hattisburg, Illinois, and practiced here about

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fibrous in structure. If cellular, the new formation is a true glioma,

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necessary funds. It is, after all, on their part, a purely

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malaria or influenza for instance, was erroneous, and that

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ble disturbance. The system sometimes tolerates the accumulation of bile

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■ See Wilson's edition, vol. iii. p. 307. • Ibid., p. loa:

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Pathology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, and Bacteriology. A major facet of

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in the pails will hasten the process. For the elm-leaf beetle use 10

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the upper ranks of society, doubtless because amongst the lower orders a

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cies, and without a charge, the acts do not constitute

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tends along the air-tubes as far as the cells, and at their opening

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of the boot to a certain extent, and if tlie shoe slips

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present duties, take charge of the office and perform the

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trollable hemorrhage. Luckily the disease is very rare.

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ment, will eventuate in suppuration, constituting the variety of the disease

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this in considerable quantities. Night before last for the first time for

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arterioles ; and if exudation takes place from them, a mass resembling a

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thirst, associated with dryness of the tongue and fauces. He is unable

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^ the appendix was converted into a fibrous cord, its canal

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be recognized macroscopically by a red or blackish color. (See next

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recommends the deep lock-stitch suture through the entire area sec-

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rises in vapour at 88", but practically at 94°, and requires

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ysms succeed each other rapidly, and death occurs in asphyxia. Idio-

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and the forearm carried in a sling for a week more.

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derable degree of irritability, especially in infants and children.

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should be employed to remove all possible source of irritation from

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Walterhofer and Schramm: Arch. f. klin. Chir., 1921, 117, 788.

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The "Cabinet t'YcLopjEDi a" will thus be in a state of

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paralysis with loss of reflexes commences, travelling from the

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diagnosis. Acquired cases of hemiplegia and diplegia, but

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ventricle during systole. The fifth intercostal space at a point inter-

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power apparent ; cases that for two, three, or four months, which

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rial system, including the heart, thus driving the blood from

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1967. Alexander, Charles M., 930 W. Sproul Road, Springfield. Pa. (19064)

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striking as these are the only cases of this kind I have met

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