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Ingebrigtsen, Ernest Kaspari Glesne, s, a, w, Michigan, N.D. A.B. (Concordia C.) '24;
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manner, the individual must be taught to recognise the danger he runs,
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the plan of filling the urethra with a glycerin emulsion
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careful observer notes the effects of various climates
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Doctor Miller reviews the significance of leucocytes and strepto-
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memoir on the " Life History of Bees," which is an ever-
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fectly wonderful. Temperature, pulse, and odor of the
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Specimens of Haematite and Iron Manufacture — kindly lent
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LXI. Mr. Bramley, in his excellent account of the Goitre in
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and Natural History Society, on a novel method of re-
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way. Put a bandage around the leg before applying the splint.
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normal growth of the heart, which comes with advancing years and
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bone; 6, inferior turbinate bone; 7, fossa of Rosenmiiller; 8, promontory of the tube; 9, pharyngeal
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amount of oxygen absorbed. Carbonic acid poisoning is.
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