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convinced that local condUians in the eyes have been the
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Cases of various paralyses also act in a similar manner and respond
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Stated Meeting, Friday, May 29, 1896, Dr. W. L. Rodman, President, in the chair.
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of the small intestines, congested and tense with gas, immediately bal-
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1899 a. — Over het voorkomen van anaemia pernicieusa infectiosa of wel surra
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Septic process four weeks. Temperature 103°, pulse
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safer, and more intelligent measures. It is understood that
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the other hand, there is generally a cavity, into which the
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and hay that is intermixed with lobelia, will also produce it; so,
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breed of an animal is attended with a diminution of the fibrin of its
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number of the London " Lancet," as " the Watson of the United States."
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three-quarters by weight of nitro-glycerin. The composition
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they who are not specially under the influence of religious principle,
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sisting of, first, a daily lecture excepting on Saturdays and Sundays,
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statistics of the disease attacking the female genitals. It would appear
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72 Brown, Pelvic Peritonitis and Peri-uterine Cellulitis. [July
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of Man ' when within 200 miles of Mount Ararat, and
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and pardon the freedom of our speech. — [Ed. Man.
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Many times it has made my heart ache to see the suffering and
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Taken directly, the lengtli from the anterior spine to the tip of the malleolus is
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as to its independent entity, others are inclined to deny this,
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examined early, the cavity is found to be filled with grey smoke,
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ing Mr. Buckle on the talent and learning displayed in the volume before us,
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pneumonia proper, in which the phthisical process terminates
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the like, and in which we may too often have a train of
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tention to the antiphlogistic diet is required : the digestive
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and twelve inches of intestine turned out. This was
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The abundance of these other bacteria may afford some indication as to their
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Jacquet to formulate the distinction between squamous eczema of the
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improvement, auto-suggestive influences are set agoing, which pro-
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the powers of animal life are weakened and sometimes utterly
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case it is best to put the mare under treatment for ten or fifteen days to get
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love, or personal magnetism; and that of the spiritual, or soul-affec-
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ecclesiastics. It is true that in order to be a ''clerk*'
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and kidneys, and of the skin and mucous surfaces, in dis-
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ous negative results simply add confirmatory evidence to the find-
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lion to his size ; the arms large, long, and full ; the
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funds and $1,600,000 of State funds used as an offset for Federal funds