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kept in tip-top operating condition during these busy days in hospitals, clinics, and physicians’
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operation depends not on the duration of the illness, but on the
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The tumor was as large as an infant's head, large enough to com-
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choice who will forward it to the state director of
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per cent. We have found it advisable to control the
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the man himself. He had shared and had lessened their anxieties;
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Committee on Workmen’s Compensation Laws: Basil R.
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elderly persons is a fact that seems to fail to impress
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and obstetrics, but is otherwise carrying on in a very
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the narrower the activity and the more physically con-
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after, receipt of the injury, epilepsy developed, which had steadily
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hood of a liter a day to maintain patients in nitrogen
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need be said to recommend the volume in view of the
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The book should be added to every well-chosen medical
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for 1943: C. Irvin Stiteler, Chester; Charles C. Custer,
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the standards of training and experience for appoint-
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2. Recruit, train, and assign personnel to gas cleans-
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given a president to this Society. We naturally are
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numbed and the process, if not agreeable, is not painful.
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full of the moon is a time-honored one in this society,
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1942, which was the termination of the first year of this
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enjoyable. Lovely prizes were given for high scores,
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tatic lesions (lungs, heart muscles, kidneys, etc.)
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forces evidently stifled by the poisonous heat of the blood.
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and have their doctors since many years, and they cannot be
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exceptions, pass through the intestinal tract in thirty-
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carotid artery are by far the most successful in ter-
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to see them come to the front. As the California Medical Journal
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ers in war industry is voiced in the October issue of
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increasing percentage of children to the nation, from
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An exceedingly amusing trial, says the New York Recorder, in
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the possible exception of where from long continued sickness there
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the advisability, in some instances, of building up
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cause among stillbirths and miscarriages there is a
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Thursday night, January 14. The meeting, held on the
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contributions from their society treasury, and three
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not unduly compromise the future mental integrity of
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proof that this venom has not given them any excess