tive "figures which cannot lie" — that thirty thousand males are

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disease, if it can be called one, is quite incurable, and

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causes the animal to breathe through the mouth. This can

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it is never justifiable to over-distend the whole ure-

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talked rationally, and actually took some nourishment. I thought

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reaction and the opsonic index to tubercle were negative. Bier's

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beautifully as they are depicted, can be much more profitably studied in

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These centers have been differentiated from one another by anatomical,

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and bone. The after-treatment is then the same as we have just

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by the same physician, the patient mutilating himself

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that some persons have denominated the disease " insanity of the

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thickened and indurated. When grasped the bowel felt semi -cartila-

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the fire a couple of yolks of eggs, and put it by to get cold.

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nearly four months old. She was the third in the family, was at the time

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At i p. m. the orator of the day, Dr. J. D. Young, of Law-

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loud squoal, prolonged and rising in pitch, reminding us of the peculiar

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the inference that the subject is old, not worth considering : its tenor is

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the just mentioned condition, if the sound enters the

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does not prevent the radiation from the superior portion of the clouds.

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than among the British wounded at Antwerp. The bodily

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the antagonists of the flexors of the elbow. The disturbance in the

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chosen primarily because of certain objective characteristics

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The reason why instinct leads the dracunculus to descend to the

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"We have to speak of another class who are not so fortunate as to have

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the appendicular region and this misled his physician into the

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scientific fact which was presented in lectures to medical students, but there were

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the medical profession, and of Dr Reed in particular, stand

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1872, at the desire of the parish authorities, who were chargeable for her ; she had

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— Progress of Public Opinion, with respect to the evils pro-

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came from excessive doses. I know that some practitioners

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of the day, she is forced to confine herself to the study of

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ment. Additional past history disclosed heavy alcoholic

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his finger into the wound one or two inches. His lefl arm

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cod-liver oil, and adds, "that in no disease is careful watching

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given it many times, when the result was complete failure. From

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joint. Two kinds of lesions were to be distinguished, a perfectly

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diphtheria 52, scarlet fever 18, measles 136, typhoid