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under observation for a period of weeks. During this time, they were

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surgeon, had to content himself literally with " walking" the

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8. The peroneal nerve, after osteotomy. Recovery which has persisted for

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weaker until 8.30 the following morning, when he expired.

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aneurism and in the secondary sacs of aortic aneurism, I did not

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were found to be dilated and did not react to light or on accommodation. The

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drinking-water should contain lead in solution. One of the most serious

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through the shoulders, or through the chest in any direction,

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and felt cold to the touch ; there was some wheezing in the trachea, very

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that must be supported by splints and bandages, in the

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more than ever, march forward, head erect, and pur-

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descended from the common ancestor No. 1, is affected by a type of the

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A mortality of five per cent, less in the American hos-

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the Sanitary Institute of Great Britain, held at Glasgow, Sept. 1883. Tht-

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the physical preparation for flight, which is produced by the

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twenty-five guineas a head for the season. Marshall states that,

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4. Mooney AJ: Diabetic retinopathy — A challenge. Br J

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that which lines the different parts of the mouth. It extends

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that of Sydenham, the only difference being, that, in place of the

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the same; all require the same treatment," that is to say, the

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mentioned, and little or no edema until the lieart fails,

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These are misfortunes which are not easily prevented and

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