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manned by a medical resident and a trained nurse who are

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from Craven street, June 7, 1762, Franklin says, ^' I am glad

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sion of corticosteroid levels. Further evaluation and treat-

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account of the unusual character of the cardiac murmur

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or other tumors. Intra-thoracic obstruction can be due to

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Therefore it is more consistent with what we know of the animal

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^Maximum absorption occurs when Tegopen is taken on an empty stomach, preferably 1-2 hrs. before meals.

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scope of practice of a duly registered professional nurse. It precludes

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deal competently with interpersonal and human factors

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secondary to androgen deficiency 3. Impotence due to

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The wound was dressed on the day after the operation,

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{Read be fore the Clinical Society of Maryland, May 4, 1S83).

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the pulp. Of these we may consider especially lanolin, vaselin and

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of tuberculosis, hemoptysis, or occupational exposure. At the

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count, I have taken this opportunity of stating the manner of

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Class A violations are those presenting imminent danger to pa-

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{Read before the Philadelphia County Medical Society

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the shoulder and arm ; the grasp of the right hand is less than

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ceptible organisms, including fungi. Appropriate measures

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I confess I was disappointed, and learnt that there may be

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On December 16, 1886, the patient's condition was as

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horizontal light is a great help, and a catheter in the bladder

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difference being in the duration of the stimulation j)eriod which is

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the literature on this subject calls attention to a close etiological

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good performance or good patient outcomes, still the posses-

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is especially to be noticed when the left external rectus is used,

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often of the highest degree of complexity, and we cannot too

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Bartholine (anno 1651-2), have been properly considered as

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her case was written, the patient wrote to me, in answer to my

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No changes in the fundus, hypermetropic. Muscles of the

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order to ascertain, as far as possible, Avhether or not the therapeutic