per cent., whilst in Dublin the excess of females over males is only
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11 Qombault. Archives de Pliys., 1873, p. 592; also Arch. <le Neu-
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be to outline a century's progress in the practice of physic. The
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deposition of new molecules. The stratum is more or less
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packs and hot air baths in this disease. Theoretically, we should
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before the ligature had cut through the arterial walls.
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his arm, so that there was no proof that the child was capable of
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6. Cases of so-called fibroid phthisis or interstitial
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gouty rTiumatism, names which, in my opinion, are improper, for
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alkaline reaction. Typhoid bacilli produce a slightly red tinge,
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no doubt varies in the individual at different times.
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chronic interstitial pneumonia, and (4) syphilitic-
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tion is to emphasize certain points in the relation of this interesting
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space being usually allowed ; therefore the greatest attention should
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(2) Does the lymph which pours into the wound provide a favour-
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named Malabar and Tokelan itch, Burmese ringworm, etc.
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tum varies from 4 to 10 days, but may last for weeks, or even for months,
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in difficulties. We are naturally an improvident race, and
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greater advance has been made in this direction. Ves-
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more was done in this direction until Guiseppe Sanarelli announced in
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of the most conspicuous features attending the cruci-
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decide. M. Boulard has made some interesting observations bearing
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Medical School, the Harvard, and educational reform,
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from four weeks to four or five months, the inflammation will reoccur and
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malarial fever 19, puerperal fever 11, cerebro-spinal meningi-
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soldiers exposed as were these, exhibit larger hearts than normal indi-
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gestions, to help you in your etlbrts to throw more light upon these
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ous the other functions, the greater will be the metamophosis, and
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and used as a vehicle for purgatives. Dose : 10 to 30
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