bered. The success attendant upon the operation of litholapaxy has been

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kidney, of which he says these two cases resemble each other in most of their

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These can hardly be other than endothelial. In Rieder's case and my

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pessaries, and the aversion of the patient to palliative measures. A condi-

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through the parenchyma of the kidney itself by the microscope. I

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membranous bands in the vitreous may be done without causing much reac-

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extraction of the child should be made very gradually, and the second stage

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ings finally said "I had a momentary picture of the boy

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gathers at the fenestrum, quickly solidifies, and re-

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H. E., male, aged two years and ten months. The family history is

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long haemostatic forceps and twist or ligate it. For

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if these are true microscopical pictures we may sup-

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with but little improvement. September, 1908, she was

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tuberculous patients. This is produced when the hydrogen atom of the

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good recovery, although her convalescence was interrupted by oozing from

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surgery, it would be very useful to know what proportion of failures

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of practical utility for resection of cardiac cancer

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to be felr, it should be sought for and removed. Should the diseased appen-

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be an intercostal neuralgia in the neighborhood of the traumatism, or slight

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The statement made here, as in most of the recent text-books on

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Truby, Williard F., Major, Medical Corps. Ordered to

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the investigator should be able to determine personal

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thick jacket poultice, so arranged that it will main-

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on the heart, that it is likely, in proper doses, to be of value as a remedy for

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seemed entirely broken in two or three places. The head felt like a

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through any serious illness, but has, nevertheless, been always ailing and

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causation, based on the hypothesis that the thyreoid

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Medical science was tlien, forsooth, vet very crude.

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was easily produced. There was no muscular atrophy. A month later Bern-

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osteally, and thus supplies the periosteum necessary to enable the upper por-

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he left his home saying he would return the following

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nuclears. tionals. nuclears. tionals. nuclears. tionals.

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The writer has been able to examine the gastric contents of only five

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proper manner, and I shall not consider my treatise